“Terres de Truffes, Tokyo” is a restaurant that specializes in truffle dishes, serving a variety of dishes maximizing the delicacy’s appeal. The main restaurant, “Terres de Truffes, Nice”, which opened in Nice in 2002, is a prestigious restaurant that has been frequently covered in the media not only in France, but also in Japan. In 2003, “Terres de Truffes, Paris” opened and has since been attracting epicures ? lovers of good food ? in France and all over the world. Their sister restaurant, “Terres de Truffes, Tokyo”, which had been operating in Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka since 2008, reopened in Minami-aoyama in December 2012. Sharing the at home atmosphere of our main restaurant in Nice, we are striving to create a restaurant where our guests can enjoy truffle dishes in a casual manner. We hope you can enjoy the variety of sumptuous dishes in a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere to your heart’s content.


We serves dishes using lavish, quality truffles in each season. We serve the Chef’s Recommended Course as our menu. We propose dishes our master chef Matsuda has devised to convey the new appeal of truffles together with various seasonal ingredients.


At Terres de Truffes, Tokyo, we use mainly black truffles (Tuber melanosporum) and summer truffles (Tuber aestivum) produced in Europe. We use fresh truffles during the picking season and fresh frozen products in other periods of the year so that we can offer our guests truffles without losing their unique flavor and delicate nuances. In summer, although in a limited quantity, we also use fresh black truffles produced in Australia. We hope you will look forward to a fascinating encounter with the truffles of the season.


We offers a selection of wines from around the world with the concept of “wines that go well with truffles and dishes featuring truffles.” We also feature some 20 kinds of sparkling wine from France. If you choose our pairing course, you can enjoy dishes with a glass of wine that matches the dish.


The interior of us follows the design typical of southern France, where our main restaurant is located. Furnished in a slightly modern taste in ash brown, it creates a warm atmosphere. There are tables on the terrace in front of the restaurant, and tables appropriate for two to four persons are available inside the restaurant. You can also choose seats at the bar made of marble, where you can enjoy the live atmosphere in the kitchen. We have three private dining rooms: two private rooms where you can feel the atmosphere of the kitchen and one that faces the terrace with an open atmosphere. They are available for business, dinner, and other situations.


Takenori Nakazato / General Manager
When I was 19 years old , I went to the food and drink of the road as a cook at the Meiji Memorial Hall in Tokyo from Gunma . Then , I experienced 10 years in Tokyo French restaurant and international cuisine restaurant . After that , I trained abroad for a year , and I joined as a serviceman in Wonder table . 2007 , I launched as Maitre'D the Union Square Tokyo's Roppongi , also , in 2014 , I participated as a chief at the time of Ebisu transfer of Lawry , prime rib Tokyo . November 2015 , I was appointed manager of the " Terres de Truffes, Tokyo ". Matsuda chef and I are teamed up from Union Square Tokyo.
By respecting the "grace from the earth " and "tradition"and enjoying a pairing with food and wine , I will create a warm atmosphere restaurant !

Yoshichika Matsuda / Chef
Yoshi began his career in food as a cook at La Rochelle in Shibuya, upon moving to Tokyo from Fukuoka at the age of 20. He joined Wondertable in 1998, and after working as the Executive Chef at Vento Yokohama (formerly Bellini Yokohama), he became Chef of Union Square Tokyo in 2007. In September 2015, he was appointed Executive Chef of Terres de Truffes Tokyo.
"I will create fun and exciting menus incorporating the bold flavor of truffles with seasonal ingredients, while exploring fresh new ways to enjoy truffles."